Fire safety has become a priority issue. Considering the unprecedented increase in the number of high-rises, the threat of fire hazards in buildings has become a reality to be contended with. The "IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO ME" attitude is the chief cause for complacency.

Fire can be as useful as it can be destructive. Somewhere in the world, one fire occurs every minute of every day. Fire is, by itself, destructive, and the smoke from a fire creates a toxic, dangerous environment. The rapid detection of a fire and its control can save several thousand lives and millions of rupees in property loss each year.

A fully functional fire security system is a prime requisite to ensure safety and security of life and property from a fire hazard. The need for quality and functional firefighting and fire detection systems is very acute in today's age with innumerable incidents of loss of life and property that keep occurring every now and then. Yet, little attention is paid towards securing one's life against this very likely hazard that can be utterly devastating.

Leveraging our vast experience and technical expertise in designing and installing fire protection systems over the years, we design and install new systems or rectify and restore existing systems as per existing fire safety regulations regulations. We provide cost-effective fire security solutions for corporate offices, shopping malls, multiplexes, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories, industries, residential complexes and co-operative societies. Additionally, we also undertake maintenance and audit services for all types of fire security equipment.

As part of our annual maintenance contracts, we offer preventive maintenance that includes periodic inspection of installed fire security systems. This exercise ensures smooth operation and longevity of the firefighting and fire detection systems under our care. These services are rendered by a team of trained and experienced professionals.

Effectively, we cover the entire gamut of services related to fire security, i.e. installation, repair, maintenance, audit and liaison for fire security systems.

Our primary goal is client satisfaction and quality service. To keep up with changing times and technology, we continuously update ourselves with the latest trends and innovations so as to design the most feasible and effective fire security systems. You can count on us!